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The Hemp Company has been focused on the promotion and sale of products derived from and related to hemp. This incredible plant has been used throughout human history for many diverse purposes, including construction, nutrition, medicine, and recreation. Our products include hemp foods, clothes made from hemp fiber, and health supplements derived from chemicals naturally occurring in the plant.

Hemp is known by many names, but the term generally describes a species of the Cannabis Sativa plant specifically grown for industrial use. There are thousands of unique varieties of Cannabis, but the species referred to as hemp, are low in THC, another chemical compound generated by the plant.

At The Hemp Company of Dublin, we are especially concentrated on educating people around the potential benefits of nutritional supplements extracted from species of Cannabis which are high in the chemical compound CBD. Ongoing scientific research suggests CBD oil, a dietary supplement, made by extracting CBD from hemp, may be helpful for dealing with a range of health issues, such as chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. We have many high-quality CBD products for sale, including our own brand oil which is the best value of CBD for money available on the Irish market.


  • Hemp Extract Oils
  • Hemp Capsules
  • Hemp E-Liquid
  • Hemp Crystals, Crumbles and Waxes
  • Hemp Seed Products
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Smoking Accessories
  • Vaporizers

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