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Covid-19 Disinfectant Electrostatic Application System


PET TAGS is an online pet accessories business although we have been known to attend family friendly events such as pet shows and home & garden style events too. Like many a Business born out of a passion, ours is no exception. With our love for all animals and a strong focus and emphasis on Pet Safety our Brand and Business PET TAGS was born. We started our Business journey as the name suggests offering Pet Tags but we quickly realized there was also a market for Quality Hand-Crafted Dog Collars and Leads and so as we evolve, the Business and Brand, along with our Product Range evolves too. We are Proud of our full Product line up to date but, are happy to say we haven't stopped there. We recently added a Giftware for Pet Owners section and plan to grow that section even further making sure to maintain the Quality we strive for in all our Products so our Customers get the Best Value For Money. PET TAGS PET TAGS & MORE DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR!

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